Vergina Tour

A 14 hours trip from Corfu starts at 07.30 to Vergina, a modern village, and following the discovery the site was identified as Aigai,  the ancient capital of the Macedonian kings, together with its cemetery.

Vergina  is one of those finds which archaeologists dream about - a well  preserved discovery, proven association with a famous historical person,  and real treasure!

A tumulus measuring about 110m wide by 13m high  turned out to cover some tombs. Not just any old tombs, either. One of  them was identified as that of Philip II of Macedon, the father of  Alexander the Great. Another is thought to belong to Alexander IV, the  son of Alexander the Great.

The exhibition’s shelter has the external form of the Great Tumulus, a man-made mound, while the underground building has been housing since November 1997 tombs and treasures found in them. 
This sheltered group includes three Macedonian tombs: the intact tomb of Philip II (II) with a hunting scene fresco painting. Intact is also the so-called Tomb of the Prince (III), which may belong to Alexander IV, grandson of Philip II and his son Alexander the Great and another ruined and plundered Macedonian tomb (IV) of the third BC century.

The visitor will also see a plundered a cist family tomb (I), known as the “Tomb of Persephone”, with the incomparable fresco of the abduction of Persephone by Hades and a ruined building named "Heroon", probably used for the worship of the dead royal members buried next door. Some of the major finds exhibited here are the two golden urns, containing the bones of Philip II and one of his wives, two oak and one myrtle golden wreaths worn by the royal dead. 

On display is also the rare gold-and-purple embroidered cloth, which wrapped the bones of the royal wife, along with her golden diadem of a unique art, two ivory symposium beds, weapons and armor of Philip II, valuable symposium utensils of the royal family and the silver urn of "Prince."

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Excursion days : Every day  ( reservation required 24 hours in advance )

Departure : 06:00         Return : 20:00           Trip duration : 14 Hours


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